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Projects:  Make good use of small personal computers
Employ them instead of switches, LEDs, wire, and sheet metal 








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Small PCs:


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Even small, humble projects need means to display something and to allow for operator intervention. More often than not, such means are - more or less sloppily improvised - contraptions, for example, LEDs, DIL switches, and pushbuttons plugged into a breadboard.

The basic idea: Solve such problems by devices like those:

There are small personal computers  (PCs) around, that are essentially cheap. A netbook, a PC stick or a tablet costs less than the components of a purpose-built device. Hence we may avoid tinkering. Instead, we  concentrate on programming.

These devices are evidently jerry-built. They are, however, somewhat more sturdy.

Crafting such stuff, however, requires some equipment:

Here are two basic control panels, resulting from exercises and experiments in mechanical and PCB design.

Such a device is considerably more expensive than the two tablets in that 19" subrack:

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August 8, 2020

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