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Keep away from dirtiness – keep away from mess,
Don’t get into doin’ things rather-more-or-less!


Rudyard Kipling

Article in Circuit Cellar, November  2023 Bonus Digital Edition Feature Addition: 

Designing Combinational Circuitry: Employing Tiny Logic

Article in Circuit Cellar, June   2023 Bonus Digital Edition Feature Addition:

Solving Level-Translation and Logic Problems: Using Discrete Components

Article in Circuit Cellar, October  2022:

Extending Machine Instructions
How to turn a processor temporarily into a microprogrammed control unit

Article in Circuit Cellar, February  2022:

Microprogramming choices explained (Part 2) - Microprogrammable Machines

Article in Circuit Cellar, January  2022:

Microprogramming choices explained (Part 1) - The Microprogram Control Unit

Article in Circuit Cellar, October  2021:

Voltage-Level Translation in MCU Projects
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Article in Circuit Cellar, December  2020:

True Random Number Generation Using Comparators
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Article in Circuit Cellar, May 2020

Creative Mechanical Ideas for Embedded Systems
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Article in Circuit Cellar, September 2019

Using Small PCs in New Ways
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Article in Circuit Cellar, July  2019:

Macros for AVR Assembler Programming
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Article in Circuit Cellar, July 2018:

Wire Wrapping Revisited

Article in Circuit Cellar, October  2017:

Emulating Legacy Interfaces

Article in Circuit Cellar, December 2016:

Resource Algebra and the Future of FPGA Technology

Article in Circuit Cellar, July 2016:

Microcontroller modules for the ambitious:


The digital analog computer -- wire as programming language ...

It's five times better business than Linux- or C++-drill ...



The digital analog computer with an auxiliary troubleshooting unit on top (will be mounted only during bring-up and for troubleshooting tough dogs) . . .


All-in-One (AiO) Trainers:

Why tinkering with wires, when one can have all together (so that it will not fall apart??

Making good use of inexpensive small tablets...


Sometimes, the simplest will be the best: toggle switches to provide a test stimulus and LEDs or the like to observe the response:


Emulation of legacy interfaces


Microcontroller modules

Human interface modules

Xmega Trainers

All-in-one modules

Combining microcontrollers and CPLDs

CPLD modules

The digital analog computer


The passive hub

The port sniffer


Display modules in comparison:


...  vs. LCD

The basics of XY presentation:

























January 2, 2024

Employing Tiny Logic

Using Discrete Components

Microprogramming choices (2)

Microprogramming choices (1)

Voltage-level translation

Random Numbers

Mechanical Ideas

Small PCs


Wire Wrapping

Legacy Interfaces

Resource Algebra

Microcontroller Modules

Download some project overviews:

The digital analog computer:

Introducing the first All-in-One (AiO) Trainers

Keep it simple and stupid: Toggle-Switch Devices

Emulation of legacy interfaces

What makes the difference (apart from the size)?

Download a competitive analysis.